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Bat Shelter
Price: $33.99

Bat Houses and Shelters

Bats have long held a reputation for being scary, unwanted, and nuisance creatures, a status they don’t deserve. Wild Bat Houses Bats are actually one of the best creatures to have in your yard. They eat thousands of pesky insects, including mosquitoes and flies, every single night. Some species are excellent pollinators, spending their evenings sampling your local flowers and spreading pollen everywhere they go. With all these excellent benefits, it makes perfect sense to install a bat shelter in your yard. Bird Feeders Etc., carries high quality bat shelters perfect for any home or garden.

The Audubon Bat Shelter from Bird Feeders Etc. features all-cedar construction and an etched bat logo on the exterior. With room for up to 20 bats, the Audubon Bat Shelter is the perfect choice for homeowners interested in housing these helpful little critters. Be sure to mount your Audubon Bat House at least 15 – 20 feet off the ground and away from bright lights.

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