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Clear Domed Seed & Mealworm Feeder
Price: $17.25
OR VIEW MORE INFOClear Domed Seed & Mealworm Feeder
Tweet Spot Dish Feeder with Drainage
Price: $7.99
OR VIEW MORE INFOTweet Spot Dish Feeder with Drainage
Dorothy's Cardinal Feeder
Price: $47.29
OR VIEW MORE INFODorothy's Cardinal Feeder
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Big Top Feeder
Price: $47.29
Cute Chickadee Bird Feeder
Price: $17.00
OR VIEW MORE INFOCute Chickadee Bird Feeder
Covered Platform Feeder
Price: $52.24
OR VIEW MORE INFOCovered Platform Feeder
Blue Glass Mealworm Feeder Hanging Dish
Price: $11.99
OR VIEW MORE INFOBlue Glass Mealworm Feeder  Hanging Dish
3-in-1 Platform Feeder
Price: $27.99
OR VIEW MORE INFO3-in-1 Platform Feeder

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Small, colorful, and song filled little birds are a favored visitor for those who enjoy watching their backyard bird feeders. Bowl and platform bird feeders attract a wide variety of wild birds and serve as a great feeding station for your favorite wild birds. Bowl or domed feeders are perfectly suited for smaller birds and provide excellent weather protection for your various types of feed. The small tray, coupled with the overhanging dome, is intended to keep squirrels and larger birds at bay, saving the tasty morsels for smaller bird species. Plus, the overhanging dome will keep your bird seed, mealworms, or other bird feed dry, tasty, and appealing to local birds.

Platform bird feeders are great for beginners as they provide hassle free, simple setup. Owners can either tie a cord or piece of wire to a tree and hook the feeder to the line or just slip the hook over a low hanging tree branch. Platform feeders allow for a wider variety of birds and are the favored option for those interested in ground feeding birds. Other visiting birds commonly scatter seeds and drop them to the ground while feeding, providing a food source for birds and small mammals of all kinds. Whether you’re interested in attracting small perching birds or large ground feeding birds, dome and platform bird feeders are a great choice for watching your feathered friends.

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