Cleaning Accessories

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Perfect Little Brushes
Price: $3.29
OR VIEW MORE INFOPerfect Little Brushes
Bird Feeder Brush
Price: $8.59
OR VIEW MORE INFOBird Feeder Brush
Hummer Plus Brush
Price: $4.99
OR VIEW MORE INFOHummer Plus Brush
Carefree Hummingbird and Oriole Feeder Cleaner
Price: $10.99
OR VIEW MORE INFOCarefree Hummingbird and Oriole Feeder Cleaner

Find Bird Feeder Cleaning Accessories

Keep your bird feeder clean with our selection of bird feeder brushes. Brushes are the essential cleaning accessory for any backyard wild bird feeders. The soft, flexible bristles are ideal for removing debris while not damaging your bird feeder. Regular bird feeder cleaning prevents the spread of disease, keeps seeds from spoiling, and attracts new wild birds to your backyard. Bird feeder brushes come in different shapes and sizes allowing you to thoroughly clean any bird feeder. View our selection below and find the right brush for your wild bird feeder.

Check out the wild bird feeder cleaning accessories below or browse our full selection of wild bird accessories.