Allied Precision 20" Heated Deck-mounted Birdbath #AP650

20" Heated Deck-mounted Birdbath

Price: $95.99
Manufacturer: Allied Precision
Item Number: AP650
Bird Feeders, Etc product description

Allied Precision 20"Heated Deck-Mounted Birdbath, Product No. AP650

Our Allied Precision deck mounting heated bird bath #AP650 provides ice-free water all winter long for your birds. This simple but durable mounting birdbath firmly attaches to your deck's railing. Its unique design easily tilts and lifts for cleaning and storing of the bath. Simply undo the catch and tilt the bird bath up for cleaning and draining, or lift straight up to remove the bowl completely. This innovative birdbath comes equipped with a built-in automatic thermostat with 150 watts of power. The power cord clips under bath when heat is not required and the heating element is completely hidden beneath bird bath surface. This versatile birdbath is great to utilize all year long. Don't forget to feed your feathered friends as they will get hungry after their invigorating bath! Hang our beautiful Winner Feeder from your window today!
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