Allied Precision Birdbath Heater #APBDT250

Birdbath Heater

Price: $55.99
Manufacturer: Allied Precision
Item Number: APBDT250
Bird Feeders, Etc product description

Allied Precision Birdbath Heaters #APBDT250

To keep your bird bath from freezing this winter, count on our Allied Precision birdbath heaters #APBDT250. In cold temperatures, birds scavenge for a comfortable, clean and warm resting place. Bird watching is still possible in the winter, as long as you provide an attraction for an assortment of birds. This aluminum bird bath heater keeps your bird bath ice free during the coldest months of the year. With the thermostat control, adjust the temperature to fit your feathered friends’ needs.

Pair this heater with Water Wigglers to attract a variety of birds this season.

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