Aspects Quick-Clean Seed Feeder #AS395
Aspects Quick-Clean Seed Feeder #AS395Aspects Quick-Clean Seed Feeder #AS395
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Aspects Quick-Clean Seed Feeder #AS395

The Aspects Quick-Clean Seed Feeder #AS395 in brass is a classic bird feeder with a classic look. You'll love this wild bird feeder because cleaning it is so simple. No more need for tools and added thumbs with this feeder you simple push a button and the base slides off giving you access to the inside of the tube quickly and efficiently. You can even do this if you add a seed tray to the bottom. Made of heavy die-case parts and UV stabilized polycarbonate, this wild bird feeder is sure to last you a long time. This tube bird feeder holds larder seeds and larger birds allowing you to attract cardinals, red-breasted grosbeaks, titmice, blue birds and blue jays to your yard with ease.

Attracts: Various songbirds according to the feed choices in the feeder, designed for Cardinals, Titmouse, Grosbeak, Grackles, Chickadees, Bluebirds, Blue Jays And Woodpeckers.

Seed Options: Sunflower, Mixed Seed, Peanut Pieces, Safflower, Sunflower Heart

Accessories: Bird feeder feeding stations, poles, hooks and brackets, cleaning brushes, Seed Scoops, domes/rainguards, and seed trays.

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