Caged Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder Types: Caged Bird Feeders

cage birdfeeders

Caged birdfeeders are a great way to protect bird feed from unwanted guests such as squirrels and larger nuisance birds. Caged birdfeeders are constructed with either a wire or mesh cage surrounding a more traditional seed or suet birdfeeder. You will find caged birdfeeders in a variety of styles and shapes depending upon the type of seed they hold and the type of bird you’re attracting. Clinging and perching birds such as small woodpeckers, goldfinch, titmice and nuthatches are ideal visitors to a caged feeder. Many of these birds are flock birds and prefer to feed together. A caged feeder offers many perching/clinging options so these community birds can eat together. Larger nuisance birds such as starlings, grackles and pigeons cannot use a caged birdfeeder, thus allowing you to selectively pick your backyard visitors and protect the birdseed. Caged birdfeeders are designed to be cleaned easily with some even being dishwasher safe.

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