Natures Way Cedar Hopper Feeder with Suet #NWCWF16
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Nature's Way Cedar Hopper Feeder with Suet #NWCWF16

Nature's Way Cedar Hopper Feeder with Suet #NWCWF16 features quality insect and rot resistant premium cedar, durable vinyl-coated hanging wires and water based preservative and stain. Rust-free hardware includes stainless steel screws and wire mesh, aluminum hinges and powder-coated seed ports. The Cedar Hopper Feeder has seed capacity and two suet holders to offer a variety of feeding options. The stay-clear crack resistant acrylic windows and weather shield keep seed levels visible and the seed dry. The 4 quart capacity means less refills and plenty of birds. The base holds a removable Fresh Seed tray made of powder-coated galvanized steel. It provides rain drainage to keep seed dry and has a built-in seed diverter that makes feed available to the birds to the last seed. Feeder also has a large perching area to invite birds, both large and small, to feed.