Erva Copper Bird Feeder #EVSUET1C

Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder

Price: $43.95
Manufacturer: Erva
Feed Type: Suet
Capacity: 2 Suet Cakes
Mounting Type: Hang
Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 18"
Item Number: EVSUET1C
Bird Feeders, Etc product description

Erva Squirrel Proof Copper Bird Feeder, Product No.EVSUET1C

Our Erva squirrel proof feeder #EVSUET1 is a baffled feeder holding two standard suet cakes. It is surrounded by a sturdy 16 gauge wire mesh with 1 1/2" openings to keep out starlings and squirrels. The top and bottom are powder coated in an attractive copper finish. This feeder measures 14"Wx18"H. Attached cable makes feeder easy to hang and fill.

Attracts: Various songbirds according to the feed choices in the feeder, designed for Cardinals, Titmice, Grosbeaks, Grackles, Chickadees, Bluebirds Mourning Doves and Woodpeckers.

Suet Options: Suet and Seed Cakes

Accessories: Bird feeder feeding stations, poles, hooks and brackets,

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