Seasonal Wild Bird Feeding: Fall

Wild Bird Feeding in the Fall

bird feeding in the fall

Fall is the beginning of the wild bird feeding season. Wild birds begin to migrate as early as August, and by September over-wintering wild birds begin searching for backyard feeders to depend on during the cold winter months.

Fall Bird Feeders

Adding a Suet Feeder to your backyard in the fall and winter will provide your backyard birds with the great number of calories they need supplying energy and keeping them warm. The Suet Cakes are made up of beef fat blended with seeds and nuts which helps bird maintain their body heat.

Hopper feeders and tube feeder are also a great bird feeder type for the fall feeding season. They are a good choice for providing sunflower seeds to birds like goldfinches, blue jays, crackles, and chickadees. Weather guards can also be added to tube and bowl feeders for increased rain and snow protection.

Fall Bird Baths

As the weather cools, water is harder to find. An easy way to attract wild birds to your backyard in the fall is to provide a source of unfrozen water to your backyard winged friends. Adding a heated bird bath is an easy way to assure your backyard birds have a constant source of fresh, unfrozen water.

Fall Bird Seed

During the cold weather months, wild birds calorie requirements increase in order to stay warm. By providing a high fat and high energy content seed mix, wild birds are able to get the nutrition they need. Suet Cakes are an easy way to provide this high-energy fat content as well as seeds and nuts.

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