Family Friendly Feeders

One of the first wildlife creatures that most children are drawn to are birds. They soar, squawk, and rest perched on tree branches peacefully observant of their surroundings. Birds serve as the perfect way to get your kids interested in nature (or distract them so that you can have a moment to yourself!).

Here are 5 easy ways to get your kids involved with some fun bird feeder projects!

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1) Pick a bird, any bird. A great place to start is by determining which birds frequent your outdoor space using a bird journal. Take a look outside and point out the different birds that you see to your children. From here, make a list of each bird’s distinguishing characteristics: the colors you see, type of beak, size, and wingspan (if possible). If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can even try to snap some pictures (if you’re able to capture them quickly enough!) to better remember the birds you’ve identified.

2) Become a bird nerd. Next, conduct a quick internet search of your backyard birds or—better yet—head to your local library to do some good, old fashioned book research! Your kids just might be amazed by what they find at this thing known as a “library.” ☺ Searching for birds by region, appearance, and other distinguishing features will help you pinpoint the names of your feathered friends. There are countless library books to be found that detail the types of birds you can find in your backyard.

3) Who’s your birdie? Once you’ve determined the types of birds you’re hoping to see more of, you can determine which types of feeders they’re attracted to. Take into consideration how many birds you’ll need to feed. Do they eat suet, mealworms, or bird feed? Will they be attracted to pole feeders, base feeders, or hanging feeders? Some birds are even attracted to specific colors. Learning more about which bird you’re hoping to attract and figuring out what colors they are drawn to is just another way to lure these beautiful creatures into your backyard oasis. These are all great questions to research with your children to make them feel involved and help them learn more about their bird friends.

4) Kids keep feeders full! When selecting the type of feeder for your backyard, you’ll want to choose something that your kids can easily fill with bird feed—they’ll definitely want to help with this part. There are plenty of family friendly bird feeders available. For example, this Droll Yankee Flipper holds a good amount of feed and the top lifts off for easy filling. It can accommodate several birds at once and attracts many different types/breeds.

5) If you build it …If you would like to try to build your own bird feeder, this Wren House Kit is the perfect solution. Enjoy assembling this bird feeder from pre-cut pieces, relieving some of the stress of building your own bird feeder from scratch, but with the same feeling of accomplishment you get from finishing a project. If you’re worried about your children being a bit rough with the bird feeders or just want to try an inexpensive, child-friendly bird feeder,
take a look here at the many options available for $25 and under.

The best bird feeder for your family is one that attracts the birds that frequent your yard or neighborhood. Whether you’re on a tight budget or are looking to add a series of feeders to create a unique bird sanctuary, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Enjoy engaging with your children and learning right along with them about how to best take care of your backyard bird friends!