Heated Birdbaths

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20" Heated Deck-mounted Birdbath
Price: $95.99
OR VIEW MORE INFO20" Heated Deck-mounted Birdbath
Heated Bird Bath
Price: $95.99
Heated Bird Bath with Pedestal
Price: $135.00
OR VIEW MORE INFOHeated Bird Bath with Pedestal
Heated Bird Bath With Metal Stand
Price: $115.00
OR VIEW MORE INFOHeated Bird Bath With Metal Stand

Heated Bird Baths

A cold winter can diminish the supply of bathing locations for many of our avian friends. With our wide range of heated bird baths, you can enjoy the benefits of a stunning bird bath year round. While most bird baths around are frozen and un-usable, your favorite winter birds will flock often to your bird bath which full of pleasantly warm water. When the winter is negatively affecting your backyard bird population, a superior heated bird bath from Bird Feeders Etc. will turn your yard into a superb gathering place for a bird jamboree. Whether you wish to attract Cardinals or Red Bellied Woodpeckers this winter, our heated bird bath are a sure method to do so

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