Heritage Farms Mini Absolute Feeder #HF7458

Heritage Farms Mini Absolute 2

Price: $24.99
Manufacturer: Heritage Farms
Item Number: HF7458
Bird Feeders, Etc product description

Mini Absolute Feeder #HF7458

Designed with powder-coated all-steel construction this Mini Absolute Feeder #HF7458 is impervious to squirrel damage. Squirrels cannot get to the feed because of the weight sensitive perches. Large birds can also be excluded as the perch settings are adjustable to allow light, medium or heavy birds access to the feed. A chart comes with this wild bird feeder to guide you as to the weights of various birds. The cute small design is great for small decks, balconies or porches and the no-waste seed saver baffle makes this bird feeder efficient. A mounting hanger is included with this 2 quart bird seed capacity wild bird feeder.

Attracts: Various songbirds according to the feed choices in the feeder, designed for Cardinals, Titmouse, Grosbeak, Grackles, Chickadees, Bluebirds, Blue Jays and Woodpeckers.

Seed Options: Sunflower, Mixed Seed, Peanut Pieces, Safflower, Sunflower Heart

Accessories: Bird feeder feeding stations, poles, hooks and brackets, cleaning brushes, Seed Scoops.

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