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Attract Different Species to Your Backyard

Bird Feeders Etc. makes it easy to attract your favorite backyard birds. The ample amount of wild bird feeder types and styles can become overwhelming, whether you are a beginner or a proficient birder. Bird Feeders Etc. makes finding the right bird feeders and supplies for attracting different species of birds simple. Our Shop By Bird section provides everything you need to know about attracting certain species including the types of food and feeders they use and even some fun bird facts to help you learn more about your feathered friends. Browse our Shop by Bird section to find the right wild bird feeders and accessories for attracting your desired species.

The Etc. - More than Birds

Create a welcoming habitat for your backyard birds with the addition of one of our quality bird houses and bird baths to provide a fresh source of water and secure shelter. We offer a vast selection of bird houses, from cardinal bird houses to finch bird houses, to accommodate each species. Adding a bird bath to your backyard provides wild birds with a consistent water source keeping them frequenting your backyard for years to come.

Bird Feeders Etc. allows you to enjoy other wildlife as well, with our collection of bat houses, butterfly shelters, and squirrel houses.

Shop Bird Feeders and More!

When you are looking for quality bird feeders and accessories, start with Bird Feeders Etc. We have everything you need for attracting wild birds in one place. From hopper style feeders to peanut breeders you will find it for less at Bird Feeders Etc. Our wild bird feeders, wild bird houses and bird bath assortment of stylish designs and decorative options are perfect for enhancing your backyard and garden --- and that's not including the colorful local wild birds that follow. Experience the pleasure of helping and watching birds. Find bird feeders, squirrel proof bird feeders, window feeders, bird houses, bird feed, and more at Bird Feeders Etc.

Shop wild bird feeders, bird houses, bird feed, bird baths, and bird feeder accessories online today!