Mesh Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder Types: Mesh Bird Feeders

mesh bird feeders

Mesh bird feeders offer a variety of feeding options to accommodate many birds at one time. Clinging birds are most attracted to mesh feeders because they can cling directly to the mesh screen for feeding. Types of clinging birds are woodpeckers, goldfinch, titmice and nuthatches. Many of these birds prefer to travel in a flock and feed as a flock. A mesh feeder offers many locations for the birds to cling thus allowing their entire community to feast at once.

Mesh bird feeders offer a variety of size openings within the mesh, providing options for various bird feed choices. You can purchase a mesh birdfeeder with a fine mesh designed for Nyjer thistle seed preferred by goldfinches or you can purchase large mesh to contain peanuts or black oil sunflower seeds for woodpeckers. No matter the bird you wish to attract to your backyard, a mesh birdfeeder is a good choice. mesh bird feeders with mesh along the bottom are also great for avoiding moisture build up within your birdseed, thus preventing fungus and bacterial build-up. Mesh birdfeeders are easy to use and an excellent addition to your bird feeding stations.

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