Recycled Plastic Bird Feeders

Bird Feeder Types: Recycled Plastic Bird Feeders

Recycled bird feeders

Bird enthusiasts and naturalists everywhere love recycled plastic bird feeders. Made from recycled milk jugs, plastic soda and water bottles, these birdfeeders are nearly indestructible, and are easy to clean. Recycled plastic bird feeders are UV stable, stain resistant, impervious to insects and can be cleaned with bleach. In addition to keeping plastic out of landfills, a recycled plastic bird feeder saves on the deforestation needed to create wood bird feeders. You’re helping your feathered friends two fold by keeping landfills empty of plastic and keeping their natural habitats intact.

Recycled plastic bird feeders come in a variety of styles such as hopper birdfeeders, tube birdfeeders, suet birdfeeders and platform birdfeeders. No matter the style, you’ll be sure to love the convenience of a recycled plastic bird feeder. Keeping a feeding station clean is the most important aspect to offering food to birds. You don’t want to be responsible for the transfer of disease to an entire population thus keeping a clean feeder is necessary. Recycled plastic bird feeders are easily scrubbed with bleach water and if left to dry before refilling will be disease-free.

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