What's New on Birdfeeders Etc

All-New Filtered Search

Bird feeders come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Some birds prefer certain feeders and specific types of feed. Our all-new filtered search provides you the ability to quickly navigate through our full catalog of products to focus on the items you're most interested in.

All new filtered search

Enhanced Image Zoom

A high-quality product image is critical to making an informed buying decision. With an enhanced zoom feature, you can now see the products you're most interested in more clearly than ever.

Enhanced image zoom

Find Products Related to Your Interests

As you peruse the site, a new recommendation engine will present similar products and accessories to those that you are viewing. You will also be presented with popular products that were purchased by customers who viewed the same items. Consider it your very own personal shopping partner.

Related products

New Account Features

Introducing new account features that actually matter to you. We've added the ability to save custom shipping addresses as well as payment methods in a safe, secure and convenient location. Add items to your Wish List that you have your eye on, but aren't quite ready. Your account on can be customized to your preferences for an improved shopping experience.

New account features

Checking Out Has Never Been Easier

No more clicking from page to page to enter the same information. You can enter your customer, shipping and billing info on the same page for a quick and easy streamlined checkout.

Faster Checkout