Woodlink Mini Magnum Nyjer Feeder

Mini Magnum Nyjer Feeder

Price: $8.99
Manufacturer: Woodlink
Feed Type: Nyjer Seed
Capacity: .75 lb.
Mounting Type: Hang
Construction: Powder-coated Steel
Dimensions: 4.75" x 4.75" x 11.8"
Item Number: NAMINIMAG2
Bird Feeders, Etc product description

Mini Magnum Nyjer Bird Feeder NAMINIMAG2

This sleek, one of a kind, steel Nyjer bird feeder is ideal for bird lovers and irresistible to a vast majority of your favorite small birds such as Finches or Redpolls. Treat yourself to this low maintenance hanging bird feeder for a truly satisfying bird feeding experience. The bird feeder’s covered mesh screen will provide the proper drainage your bird seed needs keeping your Nyjer feed dry all year round.

Attracts: Goldfinches, Finches, Chickadees, Redpolls, and Siskins

Seed Options: Nyjer Seed

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